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The flagship business of Whitehurst Ventures, LLC is Genesis Web Design. Our web design service takes pride in offering quality, custom web design and personalized service. We specialize in WordPress sites and quite often create sites using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. However, Genesis Web Design is in no way associated with StudioPress. (In fact, we were around long before StudioPress or the Genesis Framework were created.)

Genesis Web Design is currently accepting select clients on a limited basis. For more information you can visit us on the web at www.GenesisWebDesign.net.

Other Whitehurst Ventures, LLC properties on the web include:

Make A Vision Board is a unique informational site that offers ideas, information, inspiration, and a wide variety of resources related to the creation and use of this powerful visualization tool. You can even buy vision board software to create vision boards for your computer, phone, and other mobile devices.

The Healthy Kitchen Shop is a product review site that provides thoroughly researched, in depth reviews of small kitchen appliances. The purpose of the site is to help people find ways to cook and eat healthier, and the focus is on products that help make meal preparation faster and easier.

Happy Beachcomber is a site created for no other reason than we absolutely love going to the beach – any beach, anywhere. You'll find information and articles about some of the best beaches in the U. S., and if you are not a beach lover but are shopping for one, you'll also find some excellent gift ideas.

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